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Women's Shoes

The way we see it, shoes serve two main purposes: functionality and style. First, you want to be comfortable any pair you wear. On top of feeling good, you also want to look good. At Peltz Shoes, we have more than 250,000 pairs of shoes for you to browse, meaning we have pairs that both look and feel fantastic. Our women’s shoes online feature a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors alongside the name brands you trust.

Your Style, Your Size

There is nothing more frustrating than finding a great pair of shoes only to learn they do not come in your size. With Peltz Shoes, that is not a problem. We have:
  1. Sizes as small as a women's 4, and as high as size 15
  2. Widths that range from super narrow to extra wide
  3. A friendly sales staff that can help you pick out the right size
We have warehouses with up to 16,500 square feet of space. That's enough room to fit a lot of shoes. Whether you need a cute pair of sandals for an upcoming trip to the beach or a pair of pumps for the office, Peltz Shoes is the place to shop.

Finding Footwear With Ease

Our goal is to make your shopping experience easy on you. We simplify shopping by offering:
  • Free shipping on orders more than $69.99
  • An easy return service that allows you to print the shipping label at home
  • In-store try-on and pick-up services
Customer service is our priority. If you are unhappy with a pair or need to make an return, simply call one of our representatives who will quickly resolve the issue.

Make Your Feet Happy Today

Feet that look and feel good are happy feet. Thanks to our name brands and affordable prices, you are sure to find a comfortable, stylish pair of shoes when you shop with us at Peltz Shoes. From ankle boots to athletic shoes, we have your footwear solution. Get started today by browsing our diverse selection or calling us at (877) 347-4949.
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